A streamlined website for an HR consultancy

After having had a first site built on the Joomla platform, our client wanted to add a blog and have a simpler content management system to be able to quickly add and edit content. We transferred the site to a WordPress installation and upgraded some of the graphics along the way.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, so a blog could be quickly added. As WordPress has a simple page-based structure to manage content, it is easy to keep an overview of what is where. By using the platform with one of the leading creative themes, the layout of each page is displayed in clearly identifiable content blocks. This allows you to directly find the content you need to work on. The images below show how content looks on the actual page and on the WordPress management screen.

See the site here

What we learned
Building a website is a progressive progress, where not everything will look good at the first attempt. And often you will think of something to add once you have spent looking at your pages some time. This is where it is particularly useful to have a flexible and widely-used platform such as WordPress. Changes can be made very quickly and there is a very wide range of available extensions to add missing functionality.