A website for a manufacturer of organic fertilizers

Our client has developed a range of products that can provide farmers with an efficient ecological alternative to the currently used chemical fertilizers. Their biggest objective is to convince farmers to test and adopt their products. We created their corporate website with this in mind, by outlining the company’s philosophy, approach and products in great detail.

Adopting organic fertilizers in larger scale agricultural environments is still in its early stages, so a lot of fundamental educational work needs to be undertaken. This often takes places in the form of workshops with communication materials derived from scientific studies, which had to be adapted and supplemented with modern infographics and images to be suitable as website content. Some infographic examples are outlines below.

See the Live-Site here

What we learned
As the website audience includes as much potential investors as product users, it was important to keep the contents easy to read. We achieved this by reducing content length where possible and by visual support where possible.

During the project, the client requested the inclusion of their company brochure. Aside from a PDF download option, we were able to suggest a simple WordPress plugin that allows the user to interactively look through the brochure directly on the site.

You can see the example here on the bottom right.