Starting with email marketing for an online marketplace

Our client has a target list of several thousand businesses that he wants to attract to his online marketplace. There will be regular sales events on the site, so he needs an email marketing solution in place to provide regular updates to his audience and to be able to track the response rates.

Amongst the leading email marketing providers we chose Mailjet for this project. This is because their product is easy to use, but also because it is a company with French roots that can offer a good French interface and customer service to our French client. To get email campaigns up and running, worked with the client team to make them comfortable with using the product.

First, we cleaned up their excel-based contact data to get it ready to be loaded into Mailjet. Secondly, we used the mail design tool to design the actual email to be sent.

Then we simply scheduled the campaign launch date.

What we learned 
Clean Data! Clean data is everything in CRM and email marketing. It can take considerable effort to standardise all the data in a large contact sheet, but it REALLY pays off in the long run. It will ensure that campaigns can be personalised and targeted at different segments of the contact list. Ultimately, it will make the difference between being seen as SPAM or being valued as worthwhile information.