A research report for demographic study

Our client conducts demographic studies for local council departments. The standard practice in this sector is to publish studies as word documents. The objective here was to highlight the company’s competences by bring the report contents alive with an infographics approach to presentation.

This report is one of a series of topics the company covers. We started by developing a colour family that gives all the reports the same look, but also sets them apart by using a different highlight colour, which in this case is orange.
We then developed a set of custom icons for each of the main sections, before applying the colour scheme to different charts and data sets.

What we learned 
Reports, especially when they are long, can be quite tedious to read and interpret. Applying a design layer to it can ensure people are giving it the attention it deserves. A good report design is a bit like a children’s book. It tells a story that pulls the reader in and uses visual elements to highlight the key points.