Logo design for a crowdfunding platform

Our client has created a crowdsourcing platform where people can invest in projects they are passionate about. We developed a brand identity that reflects these core values.

The main aspect of this project was to find a brand symbol that communicates that fact that you can make investment decisions based on passion, not just financial returns. The heart shape has 3 connected parts, which symbolise the co-operation between the 3 parties involved: The project owners looking for investment, the investor and the platform making it possible.

With crowdfunding being increasingly popular, we also needed to analyse the competitive environment in order to develop a distinct colour scheme to make the brand instantly recognisable.

What we learned 
In communication, the things that look the simplest are the hardest to create.

A good brand logo instantly communicates a company’s purpose and values, and when this is done well, it looks so obvious, you would think it took less than 5 minutes to create.
In reality it is often the result of a long and complicated journey of exploration, discussion, trial and error.
And this journey is important, because it is what gives the logo real meaning and turns it into much more than just a colourful badge.