A leaflet for a construction management company.

The project
Our client realised he needed to refresh the look of his communications and we started with re-designing his company brochure into a leaflet before applying the new look to his website.

The leaflet format had less space available than the original brochure, so found a good compromise by trimming some of the content and by choosing a leaflet template with many smaller text and image options.
To complement the contemporary layout, we updated the company colour scheme to make it more fresh and vibrant.

What we learned 
Our client had a business development plan in place to reach a large number of potential clients with a mailing campaign. In deciding between a lighter and smaller leaflet and a more expensive A4 brochure, we chose the leaflet because we could get 500 leaflets printed and mailed out for the same cost as 100 brochures.
Instead of using a brochure, the leaflet points to the company website for more detailed information.