A christmas card design for a telecoms service provider

A fast-turnaround, simple-yet-stylish Christmas/New Year’s card.

We got the call to design and print this card on Dec 16th. With such little time, we got the design finished within 24 hours to meet the pre-Christmas print deadlines. We sourced about 6-8 design ideas from one of the major image databases, the client found one they liked and we finished the design to their requirements.

For this particular project, the desired look was to keep it clean and to stay away from seasonal clichés, so we took design elements off rather than adding them on.

What we learned 
The world can be a small place…

Over the Christmas holidays, my client sent us a mobile phone picture of a ‘Season’s Greetings’ poster in his town, showing the exact same design. So out of thousands of available possibilities, another designer working for the local council chose the very same design…

The chances of something like this happening are small, but it is clearly something that can happen, especially for photos, because the supply of images and designs for niche activities is limited and the main image databases all offer almost the same images.