An animated company video for a technology start-up

Our client needed a corporate video to explain what the company does in a succinct way to potential clients and investors. The video has been used as an introduction to meetings, as well as at trade shows and conferences.

We started the planning process by identifying the 5 big topics to cover in the available 2 minutes of video. Each chapter was then refined into a detailed content plan. We then sourced a pre-arranged corporate video template with over 50 different scene options. This gave us a good range of creative options and allowed us to quickly progress the production process. In the final step, we added a suitable audio track.

What we learned 
Working with pre-arranged templates is a great help, both for the client and for the production team. The client can instantly see the style of the final output, and the production effort can focus on making the messages as clear as possible.

The key aspect of the process right at the start, when you make the choice of template.