A website for a pilot-training company

A client offers specialised airline pilot training programmes. We initially worked together to build a representational and information-focused site, before adding on further business-related functionality in a second development phase.

This project had two main challenges:

  • To position the company as modern and forward-thinking with a contemporary design
  • To provide detailed training programme and company pages that remained easy to read

We achieved this by developing a wide range of icons and graphic elements to help provide visual support for content elements and by using tab-based content structures to make content only visible when it is requested.

Visit the live site here

What we learned
One of the main benefits of choosing WordPress as a website platform is the ability to add functionality later on with very little effort and cost. 18 months after the initial launch, our client needed a private ‘Trainers Area’ with an internal discussion board and a centralised document management system. We were able to find good solutions for both requirements. We adapted and existing Q&A plugin to work as a discussion board with file attachment options and we found a well-performing document management plugin that links up the website directly to Google Drive.