A twin-brochure design for a sub-contracting specialist

This client contacted us with the very urgent need to design a set of brochures for a trade show that was 3 weeks away. We took on the challenge to provide print-ready files in less than a week to meet the required deadlines.

Admittedly, we benefitted from an existing smaller flyer design that was used to give a general direction. Nevertheless, most of the work to create the 4-page A4 brochure was still to be done. We quickly identified suitable images and developed graphical elements to give the brochure some structure. Our client got his team to work on the required text elements and made himself available to always provide design feedback on the same day.

What we learned 
When it is handled correctly, working towards a very short deadline can result in a project delivery process that is as effective as it can possibly be: The time pressure means that the focus needs to be strictly on the essentials. Materials and feedback need to be delivered “just-in-time” and hitting the deadline makes everybody feel good about themselves. Of course not every project can be delivered with such pace and intensity, but it shows that we are capable of much more than we might think if we put our mind to it.