A new web design for a consultant with 2 target groups

Our client offers consultancy and training courses in two different fields and for 2 different audiences: companies and individuals. They run 2 different websites which have a similar structure. Both had not been re-designed for about 5 years and need a design update and re-structure to become more user friendly.

The defined objective was to modernize the look and make the content easier to find and understand. We achieved the first part by refreshing the colour tones across the site, decluttering the pages and introducing a more balanced mix of text, images and icons.

To make it easier to navigate through the offering of 50+ programs, we reduced the categories and introduced a tab-based navigation for each section, which allows to easily show a list of 15 different training programs on one page.

Here are the links to the 2 sites:
com2crise.com | decrochezlalune.com

What we learned 
The client shared the need to work on both sites quite early in the process, which allowed us to develop a structure that works for both requirements. As a result, we were able to deliver the project about 40% faster and cheaper.