A member directory for a business incubator

As a member of the business incubator, we were approached to produce a member directory, which was published and distributed during a public end of year event.

With almost 20 companies involved and a short deadline, the page design needed to strike a balance between the standardised look of a directory and the slightly different needs of each company. We ended up proposing 2 different options for right page with large and small product images.

What we learned 
This project required first of all some good organisation skills in order to get text and image materials from such a large number of participants and then to validate each final page design.

We found the biggest difference between the companies in the quantity and quality of images that were provided. This was a particular challenge for some because print-quality images need to be about 4 times larger than webpage-quality images. To be able to assist some of the members quickly, we offered to source good quality images from one of the major image banks.