A communications re-branding for an electrical engineering consultant

Our client is an electrical engineering consultant that ensures new buildings have the appropriate electrical installations. We worked together to give their communications a professional make-over, covering the logo, printed materials and finishing with the website later in the year.

The defined objective was to modernize the branding look while keeping the brand name and a visual link to the existing logo. We achieved this by freshening the logo’s colour tones and by using a larger more modern logo font in a complementing grey colour. For the printed leaflet, we opted for a geometrical design with clean lines and introduced an icon palette to provide a better understanding of the company’s different competence areas.

What we learned 
This project was a real team effort, with all members of staff being invited to review meetings and having the opportunity to provide feedback. To work in this context, we adopted an approach of providing 3-5 creative options at each stage and then letting the group select their favourite options. This provided direction without being too limiting and ensures that the end product is as much our creation as the company’s.