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New service : visio coaching
Do you need an expert to guide you ?
The digital environment is like a labyrinth: it's more complicated than it looks.

There are opportunities to take for those who know where to go. But the frustrating dead ends can waste a lot of time, and sometimes a lot of money.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of “good advice” and “super simple solutions” given by “experts” of all kinds. Which isn't to say that everyone is wrong, but any decision in this area should be approached with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Without in-depth knowledge of the field, it is difficult to really judge whether the solution you are being offered will be good for you or for the person who gives it to you.
If only I had known…
This service exists so that we hear these words less.

It exists to give you an opportunity to discuss your projects and problems with someone who is honest, doesn’t use any technical jargon, and who does not want to sell you something.

Put our knowledge on your side. Benefit from over 20 years of experience, hundreds of delivered projects and thousands of hours spent reading blogs, taking classes, watching tutorials, testing, failing, learning…..and ultimately succeeding.

The main advantage of a personalised coaching of this kind is that it directly addresses your particular problem.

In a labyrinth, there are no real shortcuts, but with a guide you move faster and you avoid the worst.
Book a remote coaching session
Visio Coaching
95€ TTC
Booking form
Visio Coaching Assitance within 24hrs
145€ TTC
Booking form
How it works:
You book a remote session with a simple card payment here.
You are contacted within 48 hours (24 hours for an urgent issue) to set an appointment date as soon as possible.
Each session lasts 50min and takes place via videoconference with Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Not sure if we can really help you? Contact us by e-mail or telephone for a preliminary discussion.